Brand, Meet Lean: Creative Inspiration Meets The Rigor of Validation

Jeremiah Gardner presents a compelling and leading edge talk on a new way of approaching brand and marketing innovation — Lean Branding — to start building intelligent, agile and valuable brands. The session will explore what a brand is, why the conventional model isn't working, and propose a new framework for brand development which applies Lean principles to branding in a way that eliminates so much of the waste found in the conventional model (like mission statements, color schemes, and the dreaded, “If you were a dog, what breed would you be?” questions). You’ll leave the session with a new definition of brand, a deeper understanding of lean branding and practical tools to start building passion with your customers. Value is not realized in brilliant assumptions, genius strategies, or creative ideas alone, but instead occurs where creative inspiration meets the rigor of validation.

Three Takeaways

  • The new definition of brand
  • How to measure passion with your customers using passion metrics
  • A practical understanding of how to apply lean innovation to your brand & marketing efforts

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