Sometimes you can just feel ITIT’S in the air. Hangs on the walls. Shows up on the face of smiling business owners. Becomes a part of the lexicon.

Nashville has IT.

By IT, I mean that entrepreneurial spirit. The belief that the glass is always half full and the grass will always be greener just beyond the next horizon. There is no escaping the spirit in this city.

From 12 South to 5 Points. In Hattie B’s and 1907 Apparel. Hanging from the walls at Third Man Records and filling the barrels of Corsair Distillery. In communities like The Idea Hatchery and the Shoppes on Fatherland. In the aroma of Bongo Java Roasting Company and on the plates ofThe Catbird Seat. In the glasses at The Patterson House and in the waffle cones of Jenni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

There is a strong and infectious energy that tells us that anything is possible and the future is bright. Nashville is on a journey. Carving a new and unique path that welcomes new ideas, expressions and entrepreneurs into the fold of this little big city.

This is the type of city I love to experience. Thank you Nashville for showing me your spirit. I feel right at home in the Music City.