Hi, my name is Jeremiah.

(My friends call me Jay).

I create experiences that are memorable, engaging, and powerful to act as a catalyst for growth.

“Jeremiah has the ability to deconstruct the issues and explain the path to better innovation and brand awareness than anyone that I have seen.”

- Peter Briscoe, Executive Director Innovation at Ericsson

I am dediated to moving an audience toward transformative growth, structured exploration, and personal empathy.

I have been honored to inspire audiences at South by Southwest, Creative Mornings, the Disney Interactive Summit, the Growth Marketing Conference, Startup Week, the Lean Startup Conference, and many other events.

I have helped spark growth at the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Conference, Unilever Innovation Masterclass, Sprint, eBay Global Growth Conference, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Silicon Beachfest, General Assembly, EvoNexus, The American Marketing Association, Turner Innovation Summit, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and many other organizations.

Available for both In-Person Events and Virtual Events

Past Keynotes

Key Topics

As both a practitioner and teacher, here are some topics I consistently deliver on:

  • Growth

  • Innovation Leadership

  • Coaching Metaksills

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Global Corporate Innovation

  • Lean Startup & Lean Innovation

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Product Development

  • Enterprise Disruption

  • Startups & Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation Culture

Leveraging Discomfort: Unlocking the Potential for New Discovery and Innovation

Discomfort is often seen as a barrier, but it can be a powerful catalyst for growth and transformation. In this keynote, Jeremiah explores the potential when leaders, teams, and organizations learn to embrace and ultimately leverage discomfort to produce meaningful outcomes.

The Art & Science of Value Creation: 3 Traits of Great Value-Creators

Jeremiah delivers a powerful keynote that provides a practical approach for combining Design Thinking with the rigor of Lean Startup to discover new value for your customers. You’ll leave the session with a deeper understanding of how to lead with empathy, apply rigor and measurement to your ideas, and how to use validated learning as the currency for your innovation efforts.

(Note: This talk has generated a global stir with over 300k+ earned impressions, syndication on sites like Huffington Post, and thousands of social media engagements.)

Global Product Operating Models: Building Capability to Move Fast, Iterate Quickly and Act Boldly

Drawing from his practical experience in building product operating models across pharmaceuticals, financial services, retail, and technology; Jeremiah delivers a practical framework for building product development capability across global organizations.

The Future of Leadership: Leading an Organization Built For The Future

The future of leadership is now. Jeremiah delivers a thought provoking keynote challenging emerging leaders to shift from a product-development paradigm to a people-development paradigm. The end game is no longer creating a great product, but nurturing the collective internal knowledge, capability, and passions of great people.

Coaching Metaskills: Foundational Dynamic Skills for Empowering Teams, Leaders, and Organizations

Based on years of training, refining, and certifying hundreds of coaches worldwide, this keynote is a deep dive into mastering the dynamic “soft skills” derived from the coaching ethos. Jeremiah teaches you the power of utilizing the emerging skills of Emotional Intelligence.

Workshops & Breakout Sessions

I design workshops to be inspiring, practical, and immediately applicable for audiences. Through a purposeful combination of elements, these workshops allow participants to dive deeper into the practices, skills, and frameworks that drive new growth.

Every Workshop Includes:

  • Hands-on Engagement

  • Case-Based Examples

  • Real World Application

  • Take Home Tools & Frameworks

Harnessing the Power of Rapid Behavioral Experimentation

This workshop brings participants into the world of rapid experimentation through an interactive, hands-on, and practical approach. Attendees will learn through practice how to structure risky assumptions, form testable hypotheses, execute an experiment, and synthesize results to drive decision making.

Measuring Pre-Market Innovation: Utilizing Progress Metrics

This workshop helps innovation leaders, product owners, and portfolio managers solve the rubik's cube of pre-market metrics by introducing them to Progress Metrics. Progress Metrics are a systematic, repeatable, and objective way to hold innovation teams and leaders accountable to progress.

Coaching Metaskills: Building Dynamic Leadership Skills

This workshop introduces participants to an evolution in their dynamic leadership skills through the core Coaching Metaskills. Attendees will get practical strategies for applying these dynamic, people-oriented, and empathy-based metaskills to bring them into the future of leadership.


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