Jeremiah Gardner

Speaker | Author | Coach | Leader | Explorer

Jeremiah Gardner helps people grow.

As both a practitioner and keynote speaker, his years of experience in developing, implementing, and scaling global innovation programs have taught him to lead with empathy, experiment often, and to drive decisions with evidence.

Jeremiah is an award winning speaker and sought after keynote in the field of innovation, leadership, coaching, and exploration having been featured at over 100 events across 20+ countries. Through a combination of deep insight and lighthearted entertainment, he leaves audiences thinking differently, inspired, and ready to grow.

He is an avid underwater explorer holding multiple scuba diving qualifications including cave diving, technical diving, and instructor. His expeditions around the world have given him a unique perspective on the discipline of exploration.

Jeremiah led the development and deployment of a global concept development operating model for both Roche Pharmaceuticals and Roche Diabetes Care. He was the lead consultant in the establishment of ING Holding Group’s PACE Innovation Program, PACE Coach Program, and PACE Experiment Academy which accelerated product development across both the retail bank and wholesale bank globally. Jeremiah worked closely with AIA Group to launch Asia’s first Insurance Innovation Accelerator.

He has founded multiple startups and Jeremiah has advised the leading innovation practices of top global enterprises including Roche, GE, ING, American Family Insurance, eBay, Nike, CUNA Mutual, and AIA Group.

He is a bestselling author and is regularly featured in leading podcasts, media, and publications including Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Lifehacker, The Guardian, and more.

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