Coaching Metaskills

Unleashing Leadership Potential in Today's Dynamic World

In "Coaching Metaskills: Unleashing Leadership Potential in Today's Dynamic World," readers embark on a transformative journey to become more self-aware, skilled, and effective leaders. The book introduces the concept of Coaching Metaskills, highlighting their permanence and importance in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

As readers immerse themselves in the book, they explore high-level topics such as the role of a coach, the distinction between coaching EQ and IQ, and the three coaching metaskills. Practical tools and techniques, including the observation-intervention coaching cycle and team differential diagnosis, equip readers with the skills to facilitate meetings, manage interpersonal relationships, and drive teams towards high performance.

The Lean Brand

How Brand Innovation Transforms Organizations, Discovers New Value and Creates Passionate Customers

Thousands of startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprise corporations struggle to build passionate relationships with their audience. Misunderstanding the relationship customers form with an organization causes these companies to miss out on the most crucial element for success – a passionate, committed audience.


The Lean Brand is the first book to apply lean principles to brand development to teach you how to develop meaningful relationships with your audience based on a shared journey of value creation. 

Available for both In-Person Events and Virtual Events


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