How do you harness the Discomfort of exploration to drive purposeful growth?

Award winning keynote speaker and growth catalyst.

Hi, my name is Jeremiah.

(My Friends Call Me Jay).

I help organizations, leaders, and teams leverage discomfort to produce meaningful outcomes.

Today's global landscape is marked by constant change, technological advancements, and shifting consumer expectations. This dynamic environment requires dynamic evolution.

I am dedicated to helping organizations, leaders, and teams embrace and leverage discomfort to produce meaningful outcomes.

Whether on stage inspiring new innovation possibilities, deep below the earth exploring a vast cave system, or one-on-one unlocking new leadership potential; my experiences have led me to a unique understanding of how to navigate the unknown in complex environments.

My work has helped countless leaders, teams, and organizations tap into new ideas, challenge existing paradigms, and ultimately drive new value that sets them apart in today’s marketplace.

  • "I admire Jeremiah's skill in leading sessions, keynotes, and dealing with our employee’s growth and development. He has a great capacity to empathize with any audience, and is able to understand their underlying needs to help people come up with their own answers.”

    Orion Joss Azevedo

    Global Lead of Innovation Academy at ING Bank

    Orion Joss Azevedo
  • "Nowadays it is almost impossible to find an engaging keynote who is NOT a motivational speaker, but a practitioner. Jeremiah is a rare kind who knows his stuff and can keep an audience engaged for hours."

    Vasil Azarov

    Founder, Growth Marketing Conference

    Vasil Azarov
  • “Jeremiah has the ability to deconstruct the issues and explain the path to better innovation and brand awareness than anyone that I have seen.”

    Peter Briscoe

    Executive Director Innovation at Ericsson

    Peter Briscoe
  • “Jeremiah's approach: a manageable and understandable set of concepts, tools, and methodologies to make informed decisions."

    Randy Hunt

    Creative Director at Etsy

    Randy Hunt

Available for both In-Person Events and Virtual Events


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