There is Nothing Permanent Except Change

The Next Horizon

In contemplating the inevitable nature of change, I'm reminded of the insightful words of Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher from Ephesus. His assertion that 'There is nothing permanent except change' strikes a chord as I navigate the next horizon of my professional journey.

Over the past six years, I embraced the challenge of establishing an innovation practice within Roche, one of the world's largest healthcare companies. This endeavor wasn't merely about proving the feasibility of innovation in an industry deemed 'impossible' to transform; it was a journey of exploration from within a global organization.

Working across Roche's Diabetes Care and Pharmaceuticals divisions, my team and I constructed robust product operating models, pioneered innovation governance, and established both an Incubator and an Accelerator. Our efforts involved training numerous coaches, enhancing frontline capabilities, and redefining ways to “get out of the building” and engage with patients, healthcare providers, and insurers.

As this chapter concludes, I'm filled with pride for what we've accomplished and gratitude for those who ventured ‘into the wilderness' with me. Now, the page turns, and I am both curious and naturally unsure of the path ahead.

During this transition, I commit to sharing insights gleaned from my journey. Join me for the following upcoming series.

  • The Power of Progress Metrics
  • Building Global Innovation Portfolios
  • Harnessing the Three Coaching Metaskills
  • Utilizing Rapid Behavioral Experimentation to Drive Decision-Making
  • Innovation = The Hearts & Minds Approach

As Heraclitus wisely said, 'No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.' My hope and intention in writing these reflections is to be a small part of your unique journey ahead.

About The Author
Jeremiah Gardner

Jeremiah Gardner is an award winning speaker in the field of innovation, leadership, coaching, and exploration. As both a practitioner and growth catalyst, his clients include Roche, ING, eBay, and Nike.

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