One of the key principles of lean is to “learn fast.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood on a stage and said those two words in the last year. Although, on paper, the concept seems easy enough, the truth is, learning fast is hard.

You must be prepared to hear things you don’t want to hear.

You must be open to learning things you didn’t want to learn.

And you must be ready to divorce yourself from your “brilliant” ideas and base your decisions on the evidence you’re generating.

One of the things I’ve been learning the most about recently is how to design learning spaces. It is my deep personal desire to create a learning space for founders to get hands-on experience in building a passionate audience.

The learnings I gained after running the first #LeanBrandLAB a few months ago have taught me a ton about how to approach designing a workshop that builds a startup’s capability to learn fast, reduce risk, and accelerate their customer growth.

Next Iteration: #LeanBrandLAB

Based on feedback, we’ve worked to make LAB leaner, local and more focused on helping you get hands-on experience in mixing creative ideation and scientific rigor to scale your audience.


We’ve reduced LAB down to one day and cut the cost to $429.00 (Early Bird) & $499.00 (Regular Ticket).


LAB has partnered with General Assembly to bring rapid brand innovation to your city! Our first three stops are Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. In 2016, we want to be able to offer LAB locally and our partnership with GA will help get us there. (Want to bring it to your city? Let me know!)


#LeanBrandLAB is focused around 3 core components: Customer Empathy, Rapid Brand Experimentation, and Evidence-based Decision Making.

In LAB, we want you to walk away confidently learning how to:

  • Interact with customers in real-time to learn, gain insights and practice customer development.
  • Design, run, and execute rapid brand experiments.
  • Use evidence to inform decisions.
  • Pitch real results to investors, VC’s, and team members.

Although learning fast is tough, it can teach you to create a leaner, more focused experience. I hope you’ll consider joining us at an upcoming #LeanBrandLAB!